Monday, April 8, 2013

8/4/2013: New Vehicles Registrations: Q1 2013

Q1 data for vehicles licensing for Ireland is out today. CSO provides good insight and data on these here.

Per CSO data:

  • Q1 2013 saw 49,591 new and old vehicles licensed for the first time which represents a decline of 9.1% y/y and marks the lowest Q1 number of registrations since 1995. Compared to peak Q1 registrations, Q1 2013 numbers come in at -60.8%.
  • In Q1 2013 there were 36,286 new vehicles licensed in the state, down 14.3% y/y and down 65.5% on peak. Number of new vehicles registrations in Q1 2013 was the lowest since 1995.
  • In Q1 2013 there were 31,002 new private cars licensed in Ireland, down 14.1% y/y and 62.1% below the peak. Number of new private cars licensed for the first time in the state is now running at the lowest level since 1995.
Chart below summarises Q1 data for 1965-present:

In other words, all three series are now running below their historical (1965-2013) average (more specifically -3.51% for all vehicles licensed for the first time, -13.0% for new vehicles and -7.0% for new private cars).
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