Sunday, December 18, 2011

18/12/2011: Ballyhea & Charleville Protest Against the Bailouts

This weekend I was honored to be a guest of a group of real patriots of our country - a group of extraordinary people who over 40 weeks, one Sunday after another, take their families and friends into the streets of Ballyhea and Charleville to protest against the injustice of the banks bondholders bailouts.

It is a remarkable group of people - coming from all walks of life, united not by an ideology or by a vested interest, but by the knowledge that what is being done to our country behind the veil of the banking crisis is simply wrong. It is wrong on a multitude of levels - ranging from ethics to politics to economics to social justice. The people behind this protest are also united by their concerns for the future of Ireland, for the rising wave of emigration, for the simple fact that our country capacity to recover from this crisis is being destroyed for the sake of rescuing a handful of institutional bondholders.

I felt truly honored - and there can be no other word to describe it - to have been asked to speak to these courageous people last night, to share a delightful pint and a long conversation with them, and to march alongside them today.

Here are a couple of pictures from the march.

The group run a website listing all bonds coming due for repayment, called and a Facebook page for their events (link here). These are, in my view, a must to follow for anyone concerned with what has been happening in Ireland over the last 3 years.

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